Exfoliating tips! Best Cleansing combo - JM Solution

Dry and sensitive skin? Join the crowd. 
There are so many of you suffering from dry skin! Dry skin is the leading factors of skin aging. putting more oil base moisturizer might help but to prepare the skin to really absorb and get the moisture locked in gentle exfoliation is the key. 
There are many opinions about exfoliation - everyday might be not good but once in a while getting rid of come of that dry skin will help evening skin tone and relieving pre congestion!
Just because you have sensitive skin does not mean you should skip exfoliating steps altogether. You should not go for products with sand-like grains but more soft gel type exfoliating products. 
Our one of top selling JM Solution Water Luminous bright peeling gel is very soft and gentle in exfoliation leaving the skin bright and clear- skin tone. On a clean dry face apply the peeling gel on to your face massage into your face with your warm palms until the dead skin cells come off with your dried peeling gel. Once you are done rise with lukewarm water finish your facial cleanse with our so pure moisturizing Water Luminous Jelly cleanser.
Moisturizing is crucial after an exfoliating process. Now apply your favorite base skin care and feel the difference of how your skin gets moisturized and how it better locks on to your skin! Enjoy our gentle exfoliation with Water Luminous Bright Peeling Gel