Ceramide and Centella used together? Best for sensitive skin!

Got sensitive and dry skin?
These two cream will be your savior!
These are good when used alone but Amazing when they are mixed into each other
Yes, it has two different purposes
One is a ceramide moisturizer cream and the other one is centella repair cream.
Ceramide moisture cream is silky smooth texture and has a mat finish. Ceramide helps to restore the moisture longer on your skin delivering the nutrients from Betula alba juice!
Centella repair cream is really good for antiaging and severe dry sensitive skin. This has a more shine glossy dewy finish which we LOVE, it’s perfect when we need that extra plump healthy glow! Centella asiatica extracts help to calm down the skin and makes a protective barrier around the skin. Must know that JM solutions repair cream includes 43% of the centella asiatica extract!
The best fact about these two derma care line from JM solution is that these do NOT include the 7 bad chemicals that many cream does.
We will list them below
Do NOT include:
The ceramide line is dermatologist tested with using all the safe formulas for sensitive skin.
This can really be in my bag and apply whenever my skin feels dry.
At night it is best to just gently have both of these on the palm warm them down on the palms of your hand then gently rub and tap on to your face and neck – these are also safe for under eyes replacing of eye cream.